What High Performers Need, Clear Point Coaching and Facilitation

What High Performers Need.
Since I am in the coaching business, I am often asked to describe the benefits and value of leadership coaching. Articulating why coaching is such a great thing can be challenging and in the business world, coaching can be a tough sell to new clients.
So, whats the strategy….
Imagine a scenario where we send a professional sports team out on to the field without a top notch coach. Many sports-watchers would consider this an act of lunacy. But seriously, WHY do they need a coach? The team is made up of focused, talented, highly paid athletes. They have proven they can work hard and, as professionals, they have ‘arrived’ at the pinnacle of success …. Do they not already have all the skills that are required to get the job done? Why do they still need a coach? How can the coaching possibly be good value?
Now the next scenario…YOU are a talented, motivated, (perhaps highly paid!) professional. You have all the skills required to get the job done and you have proven your value to the team many times. You have ability, focus and drive. Sounds familiar. Do YOU have a coach? What’s to be gained if you did? (what’s to be lost if you don’t? !) How can coaching possibly be good value?
It makes no difference if a coach’s specialty is sports, business or life in general. The best coaches work to develop the skills of their ‘athletes’.
Coaches shine light on hidden talents that you didn’t know you had. Coaches provide the structure and framework for action toward meeting a goal. Coaches ask you to dig deep when the going gets tough.
Even when you are experiencing a losing streak, the very best coaches never lose sight of the potential in front of them and they keep their eye on the ball until the vision is realized.
Coaches are the catalyst for success.
Does that sound like good value?
The sporting community knows. Do you?
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What Clients Say.
“…Connie pushed me to take action outside my comfort zone both personally and professionally which made an immeasurable difference in my confidence and business practices…”

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