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The idea this site conveys, to me, is that it is giving away Viagra, based on its domain name “”. Sounds catchy, but I know for a fact that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, so I’m curious about the real deal with this one.
It is obvious that sells mainly ED drugs as its name suggests. The site is based in Mauritius, as indicated in the site’s business address, but ships the products from UK and EU countries . The copyright indicates 2010, so the site may have started by then.
Aside from the ED meds that is currently marketing, the site also sells drugs found in the common meds category list that I have seen over and over again across online pharmacies. This site sells mainly generics that are India-manufactured , but it also vends branded medication like Viagra by Pfizer, Cialis by Lily, and Levitra by Bayer. The branded products are surely approved by the FDA, but I’m not so sure about the generics though. There is this section in the site comparing the costs of FDA approval of the branded medicine versus the meager funding of the generics. I gather that the site is implying that the generics are not yet FDA-approved , therefore the lower price.
Let’s talk about the prices of the ED meds. There are too many to choose from so I’ll just elaborate on Viagra and the cheapest generic Sildenafil available. For Viagra 100mg, the site is offering $13.25-$14.58 each depending on the quantity I’d like to purchase. It is good that the site offers $13.25 per pill for only 28 pieces, and unlike the others that require a purchase of 360 pills in order to get the fully discounted price . The generic, 100 mg Sildenafil costs $1.28-$1.39 depending on the quantity. Minimum of purchase is 10 pieces. As for Tadalafil, the pills cost $1.60-$1.75 (2.5 mg) depending on the purchase quantity. The branded Cialis 20 mg, on the other hand, costs $11-$13.
The company takes payments from major Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, and Western Union. The site ships to most international countries but does not ship to the US. Shipping rates are $39 for Registered Airmail and $70 for Express Mail Service Courier. I find them rather expensive than most postage fees the other sites charge their clients. Airmail shipping takes 7-10 days to arrive and EMS takes 4-7 days only. In case the items do not arrive within 30 days, the company offers to reship the orders for free or give a full refund of the amount. But payments done via debit cards are not eligible for refunds; the company can only offer reshipment . has a live chat function, but I wasn’t able to try it out because the service was offline. There are no numbers to contact, and there is no email. The site can only be reached by leaving an offline message that would be replied to in 24 hours.
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I half-expected this site to not have any reviews. And yes, did not really have any from consumers both in-site or externally from third-parties. This is not a good indication , being a site claiming a 6-year business operation. There should have been information from the web regarding this site, or even just mentions from social media, as it is the trend nowadays.
Well, I wouldn’t trust this site mainly because I find reviews super important. Without reviews, a site remains unreliable to me.
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Scamadviser Report on Free Viagra Now.
There are no recent reviews of the site anywhere. And because it is the case, I tried Scam Adviser . Sadly, the result is an unimpressive “ 46% safe ” and is said to be “threat listed”. The company’s location is also a bit off from where the site claims it’s from. Coupon Codes.
There is no free Viagra! I am totally disappointed. There are also no other discount offers from th This site should not have put that “free Viagra” statement as its domain name because it leaves clients like me frustrated by the site’s inability to deliver what it advertises.
The “free Viagra” is just a misleading marketing stunt. There is no free Viagra , people. It’s just a name. But even if the site would indeed hand-out freebies, I’d not get my meds from anyway. Sites without reviews and unknown locations are pet peeves of mine. When something in a site doesn’t add up, I just won’t risk anything buying from it.
And as a site that sells prescription meds, the fact that it doesn’t require prescriptions for purchases just bothers me. I know that that practice is illegal. I am a rather “safe” person, and I won’t buy anything for myself without a doctor’s prescription because that can actually cause me harm.
I would not buy my ED meds here. There are a lot of other online pharmacies to choose from. Only a 1/5 rating would suffice this time.
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By Dan Bergmann Category: Online Pharmacies Author Ratings: Last Updated: October 17, 2016. accepts orders without even asking to sign up or create an account on the site which is very rare nowadays. offers faster and more comfortable delivery compared to other shops. is famous for their excellent prices and support quality. has a lot of drugs in its list, but the most noticeable are the erectile dysfunction meds.
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