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Reload Pill Review: Dangerous Sex Pill Insider.
Another herbal sexual enhancer is on the board for our review. It is the testosterone booster that claims to improve the sexual performance of men of all ages and also claims to enhance the erectile function. Besides this, Reload can be used to enhance the hardness and size of penis, like many other manufacturers of herbal supplements claims. Not only this, the unknown manufacturers of Reload claimed that these capsules are strong and can last up to straight 72 hours. But whether these claims are true or not, read on to find out!
Well, the first thing that manufacturer had claimed while marketing Reload was that, “Reload is an herbal Viagra”. According to the analysis being carried out by FDA, there is nothing herbal in this supplement, but surely, it resembles to Viagra, as it contains the same active ingredient as that is present in Viagra, Sildenafil .
As of the notification from FDA, that undeclared present in Reload is Sildenafil and even though, that ingredient doesn’t appear on the list of ingredients in the packaging of Reload. There tailored an array of cases of the stars who had taken this claimed to be herbal supplement and ended up in hospitals, because of the fact that Sildenafil is not safe to use ingredient and its overdosing might cause number of side effects.
Customer Reviews.
Because of the fact that Reload contains the same active ingredient as that of Viagra, but is not approved to be present in Reload, too much of this substance can cause dangerously lowering of the blood pressure, chest pain, and these in case, can cause the death of a person.
That is what the notification from the food and Drug Administration contains. The herbal pills like Reload hide some of the hidden and illegal ingredients under the heading of proprietary herbal blend. Thus, they do not declare potentially dangerous ingredients like sildenafil and end up affecting number of persons with its adverse effects.
Thus considering this, FDA has published a notice on their official site containing the message as “FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that ‘Reload’ contains sildenafil, the active ingredient in the FDA-approved prescription drug Viagra, used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). This undeclared ingredient may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs such as nitroglycerin and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease often take nitrates.”
Just like reported victims of Reload, the users do not know what such pills literally contain or might not have read the warning of FDA to throw away this pill.
Pricing and Dosage.
This seemed that after the appearance of number of cases regarding Reload and its adverse effects, the manufacturers of the product seemed to wipe away all the information about Reload from internet. So, there is no available price on internet, with which you can get an idea about the pricing of reload.
However, the dosage of reload, as mentioned on the packaging is a single pill that can last for 3 days.
How to Buy Reload Online.
Just like the customer reviews and pricing for Reload, there is no online site that is offering Reload for purchase. You can visit your local stores or gas stations to check its availability.
How to Use.
As mentioned on the packaging of Reload, the consumer needs to take the recommended dosage of reload, 30 minutes before the sexual activity. You need to take it with a glass of water. However, there is warning mentioned on its packaging that if you are a patient of heart disease, diabetes or blood pressure, then you need to seek advice from a health professional.
However, we recommend to not to use Reload even if you are not suffering from above said diseases.
Side Effects.
Per the report of FDA, sildenafil can have the dangerous side effects when they combined with nitrates, commonly taken by the persons suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases. Nitrates and sildenafil, when combined, can lower the blood pressure of a person to serious and dangerous levels that can cause even the death of a person.
However, headache, dizziness, stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain, loss of hearing and vision and palpitations can also be caused as after effects of consuming Reload.
Conclusion with Rating.
Products that market themselves as the herbal supplement do not undergo testing of FDA, as all the prescription drugs do, before they hit the market. This makes the manufacturers responsible of adding the ingredient they want in their herbal supplements to increase their sales. So, when a non- herbal ingredient gets adulterated into an herbal supplement, it is very dangerous to be consumed by the consumers. It is not less dangerous than opening a can of worms by yourself.
Thus, we and FDA do not recommend you using or purchasing this medication without consulting your doctor. Although this seems that manufacturers of Reload have removed their product from the market after the notification from FDA, still there can be some distributors or retailers selling Reload. So, we suggest to not to purchase this medication anymore and if you have it in your possession, throw it away.
Moreover, the side effects of Reload can be immense. If you have consumed this medication before, you need to consult your doctor to get yourself checked. So, the bottom line is that, Reload is not at all recommended and rated to be 1, or even 0 on the scale of 1 to 5 .
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