How to treat premature ejaculation

How to treat premature ejaculation.
Premature ejaculation of PE can be treated differently. One can treat it with medicines, with physical or psychological therapy.
Doctors that treat premature ejaculation.
Sexual sphere is the sphere that involves diverse specialists. One should apply to the experts with expertise first of all. Patients can visit urologist or the specialist in the sphere of mental health such as psychiatrist, psychologist, sex therapist in case there is no other alternative.
Person should take into consideration that not all specialists are able to prescribe the medicines. Psychologist will not provide the patient with proper treatment. The patient will have to visit the physicist after it. In case the person applies to the family physician there is a possibility that the specialist has never treated such cases before. What should one do? Just ask the person about it. In case it is really so, he can send you to other expert who is familiar with the PE treatment.
What medicines are prescribed for premature ejaculation.
Federal Drug Administration has not approved any methods or medications for PE treatment. Still doctors use some treatments to help men to get rid of the problem.
A care provider should discuss all risks in advance with a patient. The main thing is to please the patient and his partner.
1) Desensitization methods of treatment are used to decrease the sensitivity of penis prior to the intimate intercourse. It is important to say that there is no data concerning different sensitivity of penis between men who suffer from premature ejaculation and the ones who do not. In spite of the fact that technique can be effective for men, the perception of pleasure is also different. It decreases sexual satisfaction as well. There is insufficient research information about this method and its usefulness. What methods are used by men?
It is easier to control the ejaculation with condoms decreasing sensitivity of men. When several condoms are used the intercourse is not pleasurable for the patient.
b) Desensitization ointment.
There are anesthetic creams such as prilocaine or lidocaine that patients apply to the glans half an hour before sexual intercourse. Wash the penis 5 minutes before sex not to make your partner numb too. The creams can be used under the condom.
c) Masturbation.
It is easier to control ejaculation when this is a second intercourse. Masturbation before sex can make your intercourse longer. This method is used by men with life long premature ejaculation. Some patients practice this method several hours before the sexual relations to enhance the control of ejaculation during intimacy.
2) Alternative treatments. They include methods that are not approved by Federal Drug Administration. Over the counter remedies that help patients to solve PE problem belong to the list of such therapies.
a) Herbal remedies.
Herbal remedies or nutriceuticals can include testosterone and other androgens (androstenedione, DHEA) that are used to treat men with PE problem. This treatment is not studied well enough to make a conclusion. There is no data about men who have contraindications to this type of treatment. Moreover, some herbal remedies can contain components of Cialis and Viagra, substances that can be risky for patients with heart problems taking nitroglycerine and medications of this type. Use of such substances together can bring to lethal outcome.
b) PDE5 inhibitors.
Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can be helpful for some patients who suffer from premature ejaculation. There is no exact evidence why this happens. This is just a general belief.
c) Antidepressants.
Such medications as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil can be effective for PE treatment. Though this is their main sphere of application, these medications demonstrated good results when taken on regular basis. The necessity for regular intake is one of the drawbacks of this therapy. Besides, these drugs are not allowed for men of definite professions such as pilots, for instance. The side effects include sexual problems, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, impotence and etc.
Psychological treatment for premature ejaculation.
Distraction exercises are applied as a technique to deal with premature ejaculation. The person should concentrate on something routine not to get aroused. Men who suffer from durable PE can have problems with satisfaction while using this method.
Psychological therapy has been applied long already and can be successful for many patients. There are doubts concerning the efficacy of this treatment in the long run. It can be beneficial to use it for a couple of years only.
Premature ejaculation can appear as a result of stress and can at the same time cause it too. Mental issues can reveal with PE. Psychologists counsel PE patients and provide sexual therapy for them. Discuss the relationship with mental health expert who can advise to apply some practical tools as a solution to your problem. The specialist investigates the relationship, determines the cause and looks for the proper treatment. Joint work of a patient and a doctor can be effective for you.
A sense of ejaculatory control can be developed with certain psychological therapies. The distraction techniques can include “squeeze” and “stop-start” methods. The task of the specialist is to deliver necessary instructions for it.
The “stop-start” technique is used to determine the way to control the intimate stimulation and the ejaculation that can follow. Using this technique the man should try to be engaged in sexual stimulation until the readiness to ejaculate. One should stop at this stage (for half a minute) to decrease this urge. Then the stimulation begins again. Man can perform it with a partner or alone. Repeat the scheme as many times as necessary. Then let the climax occur when you want it.
Squeeze technique is applied with a partner. Stop moving when ejaculation is coming and squeeze the penis base for some seconds. Resume the stimulation after 30-second pause. The couple should repeat the exercise several times until the final stage is needed.
How to find an expert who treats premature ejaculation.
Apply to primary care provider first who can advise you the psychologist with experience in treatment of premature ejaculation. Psychologists can specialize on different spheres. It is necessary to look for sex psychologist. There are special resources to help you with it such as AASECT ( and SSTAR ( Look for the specialist in your area using the information from these sites.
Is there an insurance coverage for psychological premature ejaculation?
One should contact the insurance provider to find it out. The terms can differ greatly in different companies. There is no universal answer to this question.
PE treatment prospects.
The problem of premature ejaculation requires a solution. New medication should be developed for that. One of future drugs is reviewed at present by the Federal Drug Administration. This is Dapoxetene. Presumably it should not be taken every day to deliver the effect.