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Viagra And B Complex

I just bought viagra in 100mg form and was wondering how much i would need. I was thinking of taking 50 or 25 mgs. I am really active, exercising 5 times a week and i eat fairly well.
Any suggestions for those who have taken it before?
-Consider taking a B-complex vitamin, certain B-vitamins increase blood flow (I use vitamin B12 to make sure I can stay rock-hard while using amphetamines or cocaine, as stimulants have vaso-constricting properties.)
i would say that it’s just nerves but if you are unable to orgasm then i would talk to a doctor and see if anything is wrong.
im new at sex. just had sex with my gf last month for the first time. My diet is really poor but im starting to exercise and eat better. I don’t masterbate maybe no more than once every two weeks. Even when i masturbate my erection is really weak!
I think the new diet will help a lot and i won’t use viagra often. I just want to give my gf a good experience.
If i doesn’t get better i will go to see a doctor in about a month.
We talked in the past about MDMA-related problems.
But we cannot ignore the most obvious risk factor.
Besides, you mentioned in a recent post about some kind of body twitching/shocks.
Sounds like minor, localized seizures. nothing to really worry about. Its called myoclonus.
Other types of injury to the PFC back this up – patients are often UNABLE to feel ANY libido. At all.
More than this, it can cause difficulty achieving erection and orgasm, or even orgasms that involve NO sensation.
This can happen from MDMA use as well as SSRIs.
The meso-limbic reward pathway runs from this region ALL the way down to the limbic system.
Loss of serotonin in the PFC likely causes a loss of dopamine down this pathway, because serotonin is a moderator of both dopamine AND bloodflow in the brain.
Normally dopamine and oxytocin do NOT co-exist, that is they have an inverse relationship.
When you take MDMA this rule is broken – both dopamine and oxytocin are released simultaneously.
The dopamine increases sensation, while oxytocin delays ejaculation and actually projects the feeling of orgasm throughout sexual activity.
But the prolonged exposure to oxytocin may cause a long-term (or very rarely permanent) down-regulation of dopamine receptors here.
This theory is currently being researched as a cause of PSSD or Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. This disorder is RARE, but crippling for those suffering from it.
Although some PSSD sufferers have gone past 20 years without resolution, many recover within a 1-2 year timeline. A very similar timeline holds true for MDMA recovery in patients with clinically significant psychological problems.
This is not a new phenomena – I have encountered plenty of anecdotal reports as well as a few research studies.
It has definitely improved – I am at 9 months recovery and consider most of my orgasms at 70% strength, some better.
But what hasn’t returned completely is my response to visual stimuli. There are days when it is FINE, but on others. I wonder when it will return to normal.
Then I remind myself – MDMA causes the brain to ‘re-wire’ itself.
And since the PFC is the FURTHEST region of the brain from the brainstem. it is the LAST to be reinnervated by serotonin axons.
Time and time again researchers have shown that MDMA users, even heavy long-term users, often recover from reported depression/anxiety/psychosis around the 12 month mark. 18 months is considered a sure thing, with 24 being the upper limit for MOST people. Research does NOT focus on sexual function, so the data on this is limited.
IF your problem is MDMA related, it should be clearing up in the next few months.
Question. how is your anxiety?
If you are having other issues still, you should definitely wait this out.
It actually shoves STEM CELLS into several brain regions, including the cortex.
It also helps increase capillary density, thereby increasing brain volume!
But wait, there’s more. it causes resprouting of serotonin axons. Seriously.
Other options include horny goat weed and yohimbine. They work. Careful with yohimbine – it can cause severe anxiety. just prior to a major hard-on.
It does help to relax with a partner that really wants to please you. Just knowing that they will wait until you are done can be a major relief.
If you are having trouble with masturbation, then the problem may be nerve related MDMA damage.
I don’t take it anymore and my function seems to be progressing nicely on its own.
First thing in the morning, before you even LEAVE the bed.
Once you get up and start moving around, the levels rise.
Take advantage of this simple biological truth. you might be surprised.