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Copywriting Tip.
One of the most rewarding parts of my business is teaching and mentoring other copywriters.
And a while back, I asked a group of my copywriting students what their biggest challenge was in their career.
The answer? “Getting clients”. By A HUGE margin.
Seems that most beginning (and intermediate) copywriters .
But Wait, There’s More! – How Billy Mays Can Instantly Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts.
Quick question: When you hear the words, “But WAIT! There’s MORE!” What pops into your head?
For me, being a fan of direct response marketing, I instantly think of the late Billy Mays .
During Billy’s reign of wildly successful commercials and infomercials, he took direct response selling on TV to an entirely different level, putting unknown products on the national radar and making millions in the process.
But it wasn’t an accident. Billy honed his skills and cut his salesman teeth on the Atlantic City boardwalk, selling portable washing machines.
(Yeah, you read that right–portable washing machines. On the boardwalk. Can you say, “impossible sell”?)
But through this baptism by fire, Billy learned how to push the buttons of his prospects and get them to buy. So when he got a shot on the Home Shopping Network to pitch a little known detergent called OxiClean, Billy gave it everything he had.
. and the phones lit up like Christmas trees!
The rest is history. Billy went on to fame and fortune, becoming one of the greatest pitchmen that ever lived.
Wax on, Wax off: How the Karate Kid Can Help You Sell Without Selling in Your Emails.
This one might be a little hard to get your head around at first.
But if you can grasp this concept, you’ll have a whole new way to create email copy that pulls in your readers and keeps them engaged throughout.
I’m talking about what I call a “kinda-like” statement. .
Selling Celebrity: How the Duck Dynasty Controversy Can Get More of Your Emails Opened…
No, I’m not taking sides here.
If you’ve gone through my email copywriting program, Email Copy Made Easy , then you know that 2 subjects you want to stay away from are politics and religion. And this issue smacks of both.
But what I do want to point .
The #1 Best Email Copy Tip Ever…
A lot of people ask me, “Jay, what’s the #1 thing I should be doing to make my email copy more effective?”
And that’s a great question. Because if you follow the pundits online, you’ll get about 962 different opinions on this.
But in my many years of writing emails .
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