Addium Review – 5 BIG Reasons You Shouldn – t Buy It, Supplement Critique

User Reviews.
Got it yesterday, took first pill today with my regular cup of morning coffee.Nothing else to eat.
17 out of 20 people found this review helpful.
Pretty decent.
I take one before work and it does give me a boost of energy past lunchtime but the one thing I noticed is that it makes me sweat a bit in the first 20 minutes.Not too much of a problem, but good to note.
12 out of 13 people found this review helpful.
I have struggled with ADHD my whole life, it was easy to deal with in high school because there was always so much going on.In recent years I’ve had to start taking Adderall in order to help me stay on task and keep everything organized at work..
*side note: If you’re taking Adderall, cut your daily intake of it in half.The first day I got the Addium I took my 20mg of Adderall and then took 1 Addium an hour later… I felt like I was ‘geeked up’, for lack of better words, about 30 mins later.
12 out of 14 people found this review helpful.
Extremely high boost in motivation.
So based on my experience these last two days I would say this supplement is like 4 energy drinks minus the hyper activity.I drink caffeine all the time and it has stopped having an effect on me, however after taking addium I suddenly felt extremely motivated to do all sorts of things I’ve been putting off.
9 out of 10 people found this review helpful.
Decent value.
I like taking Addium, I do work long hours at work and always need something to keep me up.Addium does seem to do the trick.
7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.
User Questions & Answers.
User Questions and Answers.
Q: Is it true addium is FDA approved and it is made in an FDA approved laboratory ? Is it an all natural product? – Diana.
A: It is natural, and it may be made in an FDA approved facility, but Addium itself is not FDA approved.
8 out of 8 people found this question helpful.
Q: Has anyone took 2 at once? – Tate.
A: I haven’t, and they caution against it. It would probably lead to overstimulation.
9 out of 11 people found this question helpful.
Q: I’m 15 years old, I have attention and direction following problems, and my grades are dropping. Should I take addium and do you recommend it? – Ray.
A: I don’t recommend any supplements beyond basically vitamins and protein for someone your age. Most of these supplements aren’t even clinically tested on adults, much less growing teens.
8 out of 9 people found this question helpful.
Q: Is it for adhd – Ashley.
A: It claims to work like an alternative to Adderall, but I would go with Optimind instead.
3 out of 4 people found this question helpful.
Q: My son just had a positive for cocain on a urine test could addium cause this? Lenn – Lenn P.
A: I don’t think there’s anything in Addium that would cause that.
7 out of 9 people found this question helpful.
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Oh LORD. What did I do?
Ok… I HAD read the bottle, and it said… 2 capsules daily. So, I downed 2 capsules. Oh, before I ate 3 eggs, so maybe that will have some relaxant to the supplement… But, yes… it’s been about 20-25 minutes and already I am feeling like I’ve been running a half hour up a 5* hill. But, to be honest with you… I’ve had days like this without this addium. I had taken the supplements and then drank coffee… I’m not too sure I should have done that. I’ll keep you up to date on the outcome.
I have been taking Addium for about a year. I recently bought a new batch on Amazon. It was actually an old batch the company sold in bulk to get rid of to a store “For the Love of Game”. Bought 8/2016 expires 10/2016. The batch # 420576 contains Niacin. The company does not list it as an ingredient on Amazon. For the past few days I have taken the new batch and have broken out in a severe rash. My body felt as if it was burning from the inside out. The newer batch (recipe) I took for a year was fine and I stopped taking Aderall for my ADD. I called the company and they claimed not to be liable for 3rd party sales even though they sold the old product in bulk to the 3rd party. They are liable and I have reported this to the FDA. I never write reviews but I feel that this is so painful I want to make people aware.
I have Rheumatoid arthritis and have been severely debilitated with pain, and RA meds. I tried addium over 8 moths ago and I have to say I really love the support it gives me. First off, I used to drinks lots of coffee to make it thru a very busy and demanding job, but since I’m older, 45, I can’t any more. My hands shake on one cup of regular coffee. But not on addium! Why would that be? Also, I have been prone to sooo tired all the time, RA zapps all my energy and leaves me larthargic and in pain. But addium has given me energy for more than 8hr work day. so I know I need to take early in morng, or else it will keep me awake at nite. About the rash… yes I got the rash twice and I know for me, when I don’t take it with food, I get a rash. So, when I have a busy day ahead of me, I take addium after a good, full breakfast as a early as possible and I have energy, and good focus during day. I don’t take it everyday… for me I only take when my RA is dragging me down and I can’t push thru. This is my experience and will be reordering as I am on my last bottle. It’s truly help me .
I’m glad you’ve found something that works. My guess about the reason you don’t get jitters with Addium over coffee is that the source of caffeine agrees with your system better.
After reading your review I decided not to take Addium which I ordered 9/2/15. I went on vacation 9/15 and up to then had not received the product.
Upon my return 10/5 the product was in my “held mail” but only today 10/8 did I open it and for unknown reasons decided to do a bit more research which brought me to your page. Upon reading the reviews I decided not to take it based on the info or how much caffeine is in it.
I called 1 844 747 8532 to get an address to return the product and was told that I was outside the 30 days window. I explained that the 30 days should be effective upon receipt of product and if I’d received it by 9/15 I’d still be within the 30 days windows. The person on the phone responded that the 30 days window became effective upon order 9/2.
Therefore he would not give me the address for return and doesn’t care what I did with the product as that was not his concern as to how I should dispose of my personal property. Needless to say I was astounded and immediately called my cc company who gave me a credit and blocked them from my account. So, be careful how you order from these supplement companies.
In addition to their products not being effective they have to cheat to hold on to your money when the customer do not want their products. Thanks for your enlightening us and potential customers Beware!
Have you tried the new product Adderin? If you have could you please tell me your experience with it. Thank You,
I should note that I bought my first 3 month supply on the desktop website for about $95 back in June 2015. Just bought a new supply on the mobile website. Mobile version has a deal “buy 3 bottles get 2 free” Desktop version does not! So I chose that deal… I was charges $144. Definitely was charged for those 2 extra bottles! New supply shipped from Butner, NC and took 5 days. My first 3 month supply arrived in 2 days. Completely different site and received COMPLETELY different supplement facts on the bottle. Now says to take 2 capsules and I feel ABSOLUTELY no different. I feel nothing that I felt before from my original 3 month supply. The “buy 3 get 2 free” is not on the desktop version of I’m thinking about buying another 3 month supply from the desktop version of their website to see if I get the original supplement.
Yeah from what I understand, Addium completely removed Niacin from their formula because there were a lot of people complaining of the side effects. I haven’t tested the new niacin free formula myself, but it sounds like it’s not working out for you. You might want to check out Optimind as an alternative.
Curious about your info on the dosage. The bottles I just received say 2 a day.
The capsules are slightly bigger than the original Tylenol capsules from years ago and there are 60 in a bottle.
Also, the prices listed by several of your reviewers are high. I paid $90 for 5 bottles.
Started to take 1 a day beginning yesterday, (I tend to take less rather than more of anything except Vitamin C) to start; I’ll let you know what I find if I get an answer.
Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you about the dosage. You can see a picture of the label on my review. My bottle had 30 pills and the recommended dose is 1 per day. Does the rest of the label look the same? Same ingredients? You got 5 bottles for $90 total? Are you sure you got Addium? Where did you buy it? Let me know for sure that it’s Addium, and let me know how it works out for you.
They took my money and did not send the order.
Now i have to fight to get 1/2 of my money back. not order from Addium..unless you like having your money stolen.
Thank you for your honest critique!
I am totally upset, I thought I was getting a good product, well it turned out to be a phony. Addium doesn’t list all of the ingredients on line, the main one was caffeine, and now i have mail it back and pay for postage. Its clear to me now that this company is a fraud also other ingredients are yellow#5 and red#3,these colorings are known cancer causes agents. So people wake up and smell the deceivers smell like a rat to me.
I ordered a bottle of Addium but decided to cancel my order. They refunded my money three days later and then immediately recharged it. The person I spoke to said they can’t just take money out of my account but I know what credits and debits are and I know how to add ands subtract. I can literally see on my transactions everything that happened. Other reviews said they were charged for two or three bottles. Other reviews were not good either. My bank disputed it for me but I never got my money back or my bottle that they charged to me. Scam all the way. If I knew who these people were that did this I’d smack the shit out of them.
I stumbled onto your website while researching Addium and was duly impressed.
I have started taking Niagen because of a friend’s recommendation. Do you happen to have a review on Niagen? I would be very interested in your opinion. You seem to be so thorough and so unbiased.
I haven’t yet, but if you give me a few weeks, I’ll do some research and let you know when the review is posted to the website.
Enjoyed your review, but it seems that your writing has not improved since taking smart pills–“Alot”
Yeah I know haha. I mix that one up A LOT 🙂 I usually screw up my there, their, and they’re too. I’ll get it fixed, thanks for the heads up.
Have you tested Nerium EHT.
Not yet, but I’m thinking that we will at some time.
I am contemplating between Addium and (Optimind+Phenibut). I am 35 years old and I am trying this for the first time. Do suggest me a best one.
Also wanted to know what happens if we miss the dosage ? What happens if we stop taking altogether?
I would definitely not recommend Addium. Optimind is my top pick for a nootropic. Adding Phenibut takes it to a whole other level, but make sure you only use the Phenibut no more than twice a week.
Their web site is full of Malware. If there are not intentionaly infecting computers they are too stupid to manage a web site in a secure manner. Not very incouraging for people who are suppsed to have a pill that makes you smarter. Maybe it only works if you have an IQ less than 75.
I agree to a certain extent, but this statement “The drugs that are being referenced are costing us billions of dollars and if someone that is critiquing a supplement that didn’t provide a revolutionary experience but didn’t disclaim the difference between a sup and rx says something. I’m just saying sounds like it might make since to give a natural supplement a try vs chemicals!” is we start to have a difference of opinion.
If you read the review above, you’ll note that whoever is marketing this supplement explicitly states that it is “600% more powerful then Adderal, but without the side effects” . I’ve taken Adderall and I’ve taken Addium, and as noted in your quote, they weren’t EVEN CLOSE in terms of effectiveness.
The motivation of this article is to point out the deceptive marketing they’re using, and to provide my users with an honest assessment of a product that calls itself the “REAL limitless pill”. They’re saying their product is revolutionary, and I’m saying no….it isn’t.
If you actually go to right now and type the word Addium into the search bar, nothing shows up. I’m pretty convinced that the “CNN testimonial” was fake.
I am interested in trying to product/ being an advocate if it works for me. If there was anyway you could send a trial period of addium I will definitely try it, but I have a lot of skeptics because of all the reviews. But email me with options. Thank you.
We’re just a review website. We don’t sell or distribute Addium (or any other product). You’ll have to get in touch with them through their website.
Now allow me to say this, and please don’t incorrectly perceive what i am about to say as an attempt at humor. The way you described this pill makes you feel is exactly the way i would describe the feeling of being high on meth-amphetamines.
It’s true that there are stimulants in Addium (caffeine) and it does have a “up” effect. But its components are not chemically similar to methamphetamines, and according to them it produces a calm, yet focused feeling, unlike methamphetamine would.
I didn’t get the same experience, but that’s what they claim.
i am suppose to receive my order today. I am in my last few months of paramedic school and with clinicals, class, kids and working 24 hour shifts at a time, all I want to do is sleep! I came across Adium in an ad and thought “it can’t hurt any worse than doing nothing!” So today I’ll try it and will keep you all posted.
Looking forward to hearing how it works out for you!
I was actually curious if you have tried rhodiola101. It is manufactured by Nutrilite. I am not a promoter by any means, just an average Joe, however i will swear by this product to be my miracle pill for mental sharpness and havent found any thing to compare. with its effectiveness. Give it a shot and get back to me. If u cant get ahold of it , contact me by email.
Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out and let you know when we post the review.
Hi rob I have never tried a nootripic before howecer I have used (mostly abused) adderrall in the past to be more creative disgning tattoos and to work harder. I have recently opened my body and mind to many new ideas in spiritual developmemt but I am looking for something to boost my work ethic and focus as many drugs ive done in my life have done a number on my chemical balance.
Ive read many reviews on many similar products for the past half hour or so and like scientists say everything is a drug affecting you and effects everyone differentlyso im going to try one of these probably addium even though it looks the most like a scam with all the false advertisement it has the most immediate positive effects and I am lazy so I’ll probably ise that one.
Funny how I am being lazy researching a drug that is supposed to give me motivation. Either way I gotta money back guarantee why not give it a week or two. However the price for one bottle is 48bucks so ill try to find it cheaper somewhere else. Ill hit yall back and let you know how it goes if I have any other reccomendations of a good product especially for a female and male to use would you email me rob? [email protected] . Thanks, cheers.
Yeah as you can tell from my review, I don’t think Addium is legit. However, like you said everyone is different so it might be worth a shot. You might want to check out Optimind, I got great results from it and they have a free trial right now so you can test it out for yourself and see if it works. Just be sure to cancel the trial before the cancellation period is up to avoid any further charges.
Best of luck and keep me updated on your Addium results!
This is nothing but a scam. Good luck getting your money back from these con artists!
I always heard (including from my doctor) that caffeine is BAD for attention deficit disorder. If Addium had a lot of caffeine, then it may give people just the opposite of what they want.
I would listen to my doctor if I were you. However, from what I understand, caffeine in moderate doses can actually mimic the effects of ADD/ADHD medications. Too much caffeine can often be counterproductive, but moderate amounts my actually be helpful. Here’s one of many links to support it. But definitely consult with your doctor.
Hey I want to add to your comment about the add/add thing u replied to, I have been “dealing with and trying to cope” with add for years! CAFFEINE DOES HELP IN MODERATION, and my brother is add caffeine actually helps to calm the hypertension of this “desiese” a lot! So yeah just wanted to add my personal opinion Of the affect of caffeine on add/add. Also the only drug I have ever found to work for me personally for my add Is adderal but that’s me personally. I know Ritalin worked great for my brother though, do u know anything about st johns wart though people keep telling me I should stop my Adderall and try st johns? Any inside on this?
I haven’t done research on St John’s Wort, but it looks like it could be helpful. My best recommendation in your case is a combination of Optimind and Phenibut. Here’s an article I wrote on my results with the stack. Make sure you only take Phenibut twice a week so you don’t build up a tolerance.
Too much theanine that’s why it gives you headaches take these ingredients separately. Cheaper and allows u too tweak it to ur desire.
Rob Miller, and everyone else who took the time to review Addium. I really appreciate you all because now I can make a better choice for me and my family. I am a mother of a three year old and a five year old, and they have found a “mass” of 5cm. on my cervix. I am exausted and depressed a lot and was almost desperate enough to scraoe together the money to buy this so that I could make it to my doctors appointments and take care of my girls. Now I don’t have to make that bad choice. You saved me a lot of grief. God bless you all…
I am a cancer survivor and my heart goes out to you. Definitely check with your Dr about your options. Only on Maui there is a holistic store called Alive and Well and soon many supplements that have changed my post cancer life. Good luck and God Bless!
I haven’t tried it,(I gave one star because it made me give a rating) only heard of it today from the “CNN” article.
That being said, Addium sounds like Vyvance, which is identical to adderall,
Which is legal Meth. It seems to me, that the legal version (there’s at least one for all the major, illegal drugs) the legal versions always seem to be more harmful than the original.
Combine that with the fact that photoshopping tweets and creating false news pieces, as a form of advertisement, are the epitome, of a red flag and it leaves me with only one conclusion…
I’ll stick with Meth.
I had to take neurontin for my nerve damage and it was like the limitless pill on the movie. I don’t have my doctor anymore because he moved to another state, so I decided to try this to see what happens. Neurontin gave me energy and clarity without a crash. The only bad side effect was that I did totally crash for days if I ran out. I had more pain than normal when I didn’t have any medicine, but none as long as it was in my system. I’ll get back with my results.
I wouldn’t expect it to work as well as that, but it should help some. Best of luck, and looking forward to hearing how it goes.
What mil of nurontin were u on?? Ive been on it for years and would like to know if theres any interactions.
Hello Jessica. Prescription Lyrica is the best medicine for nerve damage. I have taken it for neck nerve irritation and taken it after a motorcycle accident where when I crashed, I tried to catch myself with my hands and over-extended them to where my hands hurt with nerve pain all the time. After taking Lyrica, it quieted my prickly, hurting hands up to 90%. I have also talked to many people including my pain management doctor about Lyrica and he said it really helps nerve damage and MS.
Please share your results. You are the only person I trust on the net.
I ordered Addium about 20 minutes ago, and then I decided to read these reviews. I immediately hopped on the phone with customer service to get my $80.95 dollar refund (which they added an extra bottle without my confirmation)… You could tell the customer service rep was used to canceling orders 😉
I really appreciate your honesty in this website. You are saving a lot of people from getting suckered. The fact is they are always advertising miracle drugs on CNN and the internet. People need to focus on their personal health history and other medications they are taking before messing around with this stuff. Allergic reactions, and side effects can occur with devastating consequences. Every doctor I know absolutely said NO to this product. It triggers severe migraines in headache patients, and can have adverse reactions. Sometimes will make a buck off this crap at the expense of others. More people should post adverse reactions to warn others. Thanks again for your honesty. 🙂
The fake “Addium” CNN page popped up as an ad; I knew it smelled funny, so did a search and came across this page. The ingredients listed aren’t worth the cost. Just order 100 tabs Huperzine-A from Amazon for around $20 – that really works for memory and improved cognition (it’s been studied for Alheizmers and other memory-issues.)
But the “real” limitless drug is Modafinil. It’s not some caffeine-derived “proprietary” stimulant, but a real neural booster that’s branded as Provigil, among others and can be picked up in generic formulations from India.
Yeah I’ve actually tried Modafinil, as I heard alot of good things about it.
However, I really didn’t experience any “mind-blowing’ clarity or anything. I guess it gave me a little bit of an edge, but as far as being the real “limitless pill’, it wasn’t for me.
This is a marketing scam. They get your phone number and call you incessantly. Do not contact, even if you are doing it for “research.” Bad people, bad thing.
About a month ago my buddy wanted to split a 4 bottle order of Addium to get a discount. I have to say, I think it is amazing. I get even more concentration then coffee without the anxiety and impatient feeling that coffee gives me. I also get a feeling of confidence and seem to be more creative.
However, once in awhile when I take it I get a rash on my face and chest. It’s weird because it does not happen all the time. Maybe you might know why this would be Rob?
Because of this I have started to try other brain boosters. Alpha ZXT doesn’t do anything for me. I am going to try Optimind shortly though. I will report back with results.
It’s could possibly be the Niacin in Addium. It’s rare, but it can happen. It’s odd, though, that it only happens sometimes, so I wonder if maybe there’s something else going on, like an allergy to something.
Anyhow, looking forward to hearing how the Optimind goes.
Great website! I was about to try this but noticed at least 1 ingredient that can interfere with other meds. Def worth cross-checking ingredients here.
Btw, my friends have continually Harper on me looking for magic pills, but not long ago I lost a bet with one of them and spent 30 days doing his recommendations. After 30 days, I think he did find a magic pill, as it were. Less arthritis pain, much improved productivity, much happier!
The secret? 8 hours a day sleep, water consumption equal to 1oz for every 2 lbs body weight, an older man multivitamin, and eating more healthy.
Great, now I have to tell my friends they were right. Anyone that hasn’t tried that program, DO! Rest, lots of water, healthy balanced diet, can’t go wrong trying!
Anyone should be able to tell that a pill from a movie cannot be recreated, and if it were they would not be selling it on the internet for that cheap.
It is also all supplements that can be bought on their own at a vitamin/mineral shop. Why would combining all of those make you a superhuman or do anything revolutionary?
Also, that can be factored into the Adderall/Vyvanse argument. People think that it will make you smarter, when it just makes you focus due to the chemical interaction with the brain. At the end of the day, your intelligence is going to stay the same. Maybe, 100 years in the future they will have something that will actually make you smarter, but that would be ridiculously expensive if not impossible. People still don’t fully understand how the brain works, and we only use a certain percentage of it (can’t remember off the top of my head). Any drug that does something like this drug claims to do would be illegal or thousands of dollars.
DO NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY ON A DRUG THAT WILL MAKE YOU “SMARTER” or “FUNCTION BETTER.” I guarantee most of it is probably placebo effect anyways. You can buy supplements in a gas station that are more than likely the same ingredients.
Addium WOULD BE all over the news if it were actually something worth studying.
Look at the name, too…ADD-ium and everyone takes ADD-erall. You think it was just a mere coincidence they have the same stem?
If you want to know what it feels like, look up all the supplements that are in it, go to GNC or wherever, buy them and take them. They are just doing all the mixing into one pill for you, and making money off of it.
Any drug that can be ordered off of a website is nothing that needs to be consumed.
All of this is just my opinion based on extensive use of the supplements that make up Addium as well as Adderall.
Used to take cyanide, loved it. Hoped to find a more affordable option, got duped by addium claims… had ordered 3 bottles. A month and a half later I felt side effects (hot hot red skin on back of thighs and butt, also back of arms). And a definite crash half way through the day. But, too late for money back guarantee… sigh. Live and learn, I guess.
Take a look at Optimind. I think you’ll find it to be one of the best.
Hello Becca. Some people can not take much Niacin as what is in Addium. My doctor put me on a supplement of it and I had to go to the Emergency Room that evening because I had trouble breathing, was really red all over and my body felt like it was on fire. I was told by the ER doctor that I had an allergic reaction to Niacin. I was given a shot to counter-act the Niacin and was told not to take it again.
I just received my first shipment of Addium and took one pill before I go to work, a busy schedule and lost of hours. I will be posting the effects day by day if any. I’m not bashing the drug or effects yet. If it works on me it will work on anyone. I have a 3 moth supply. I took my first pill 30 minutes a go. I fell a little anxiety right now, like a high of some sort. Ill let you know by tomorrow.
I believe Addium, like all others, are bogus. after some research i have discovered you can control your body mind and spirit on all levels. you do not need a drug of any sort. therpies you can use on onesself produce far greater results in much shorter times. i have untapped something with in my brain that has given me the ability to teach myself anything in a very short amount of time. i started with focusing and my body and mind. then from sound to light and vice versa. next i worked on left to right from my brain to my falanges or fingers and toes. all with in one night. then moved onto emotions. i then realized scientifically emotions are internal sence receptors so they too can be completely controlled along with all the organs in your body and all the muscles surrounding them and how to absorb energy from breathing and pain and all emotions. musicians actually do this emotionally an dont realize it. or maybe they do? therfore after i continued my studies i went on to learn and work on my brain and have stoped at algebra basic electronics and advanced health so i can start reteaching myself everything. because this is where i left off in college. and high school.but first i need to teach myself how to use these tools on memory and logical thinking better before i continue. i have achieved what i set out to do and at first all i was planning to do was write a new theory on how we exsist. and with in a few short weeks i found myself studying nuclear fusion and advanced electronics. which i realized i jumped too far and why i have decided to reteach myself everything. through my research i have discovered we all have this same potentional and i have taught myself how to listen to emotions and words people speak together and use that to help them teach thereself and myself anything and everything. i feel this gift of knowledge should be taught to payed for and i will be writing a book of my research teaching methods therapy methods and will be willing to do whatever needed to get this to all of mankind. comments welcome on my thoughts. im a brainstormer i believe in probability not yes or no. so even the negative comments are welcome as i use them the most to further my research. thank you for reading.
I hope your research pans out. Sounds great.
travis email me plz..i would like to know how you got started as i stumbled upon an ability like this by mistake and have being trying to find my way back..thanks Chris.
Hi travis carter I would like if you.could to teach me this ways yo speak of. I would really like to know this methods for I am currently studying engineering and need lots of focus and brain powerr as a college student. If you could please contact me at [email protected]
Hi Travis, I’m extremely interested in hearing more about your studies & would love you to enlighten me more on the matter.
Thanks would like to know more!!
Thank you for writing this article! It is the only honest thing I could find about Addium online.
I work as a meat cutter in a grocery store. My work requires moving fast, prioritizing, and multi tasking.
I drink a ton of energy drinks. the caffeine helps me concentrate so i can keep all my tasks prioritized in my head. My work requires me to think fast and on my feet. Everything Im responsible for depends on what is selling and what customers ask for specifically. These are things out of my control and its difficult to keep up.
Im looking to stop the energy drinks and find something healthier for me. Sometimes i find it hard to concentrate and can not get things done as quickly as i need to.
Is there any way you can recomend something that can help my situation?
Thank you so much,
It sounds like you’re looking to take something every day to keep you in top form. Check out MindBoost. It doesn’t come on like gangbusters, but it does improve your focus and concentration on a daily basis.
Where can i buy optimind?Are they safe to use. Any side effects?
You can buy it through their official website. They offer a free trial, but make sure you read the terms. It turns into a monthly subscription if you don’t cancel in time.
Stop thinking pills (chemical or natural) is the key to feeling better.
Happiness is a state of mind. I suggest a positive attitude, let go of the past, look for the future and, most importantly, live the present moment with no expectations or regrets.
Michelle send it my way I would love to try it out.
Send me an address and i will send you the unopened bottle of Addium. Your welcome to the stuff. My head is still hurting a few days later BUT i do need to state that I am not use to caffeine. I don’t drink coffee, tea and try to limit myself to caffeine sodas (root beer) when I do indulge.
I have the crazy schedule of three people. I have two toddlers as a single dad 3 days a week that I spend fully with them. The other 4 days a week I run a construction business, and a film non profit. Plus I try have to find time to exercise, read and write as I’m a passionate writer. I feel at times that I am trying to fit three lives into one persons schedule. When I saw the ad for Addium I thought I found gold. However, in reading your review, among others, I kind of lost interest. My question is: through the years, have you found a legal substance that gave you great results in focus ability and energy as Addium advertised? Thanks. Sincerely Don.
You definitely sound busy, but hey you only live once. You may as well do it to the fullest. Check out Optimind. You only take it as needed, and I found great results with it. I think you’ll find the same with your hectic pace.
To cecy,u don’t say that u can’t tell a difference after taking it and say nothing positive about the product and give it 4 stars…..
Hey Rob, out of curiosity, what do you take on a daily basis? And if you dont then what out there would be your recommendation? I lack both concentration and energy. These store bought energy pills do nothing for me, i work offshore as a crane operator so im limited because of drug testing but could use some help. Thanks!
I don’t typically take a nootropic on a daily basis. A natural testosterone booster like Testofuel could help with energy, as could a pre workout like Nitrocut or a fat burner like Instant Knockout. If you give me a few more specifics about your situation, I can probably help you out a little more. But I don’t really get involved with straight up energy pills.
Thanks for sharing your experience with Addium. I have decided to give it a try. I started this afternoon, so far not much to say. Will let you know in a few days what my results are.
I look forward to hearing how it goes.
P.S. I should have added I found your site after I purchased the product, if I would have found it first I would not have purchased it. So far (day 2) I feel like I have guzzled a pot of caffeine.
Thanks for the update. Yeah, that seems to be a pretty common experience.
Guys use super brain yoga research its powerful results do it every day my friend scored very high on his test look on you tube at the great results of brain activity of people who do this excercise and truly unlock brain potential the more you do it the better you will be don’t depend on a pill for the greatness already inside you.
I called the customer support number for Addium and was told this is a product for men. Something to with ADD…whatever… Why are we not taking HGH that support the pituitary gland in the brain. It decreases as we age. Just saying it might even help you look younger.
That doesn’t really make any sense. Some of the testimonials on their website are from women. It sounds like you spoke to someone new or something.
This site is great and THANK YOU so much for providing the information. On the basis of what you have seen come in on Addium would you purchase the product now or still think the trials are still too junior to provide any concrete results. I look forward to your response.
Glad you like the site! Based on my own personal experience, and reading through the reviews, it’s a tough call. On the one hand some people are saying they had good results with it, but on the other people are talking about REALLY bad side effects and it’s not working at all for them.
I think everyone will respond differently to Addium, so it might be worth a shot. On the flip side, I’ve tried lots of other nootropics and this wouldn’t even make my top 10.
We ordered 3 bottles of addium and received a confirmation of that order and a tracking number.
When I tried to track that number I was told there was no such number. I fear this is a fraudulent product and people should not order it.
How long ago did you order it?
It takes a day or two for the tracking number to appear on the computer. when the pickup order is placed, the shipper gets a number but its not in the delivery service computer till it is actually picked up.
In response to all of the people saying they got hot, red, and blotchy that is from the niacine in the addium. If you take aspirin about 30min before taking the addium it will counteract the flush effect from the addium. I just started taking it I will update when I have a better understanding of this supplement.
Thanks Jessica! Looking forward to reading your update.
Found another one for you guys, check it out it’s called Alpha ZXT.
I am always hearing about some “limitless” pill. It seems the companies are selling the idea of getting smart quick and easy through a pill. However, for some reason there are a lot of studies about brain improving supplements seemingly more than ever now. I guess my question would be, since you have this site critiquing supplements, itd seem you would have experience or knowledge about them. Are there any supplements on the market that you know of that do increase focus, awareness, and energy without side effects and are not crammed with caffeine? If so, please share.
Sure. The best one I know of is MindBoost. They have a day formula and a night formula. You can use either or both. Here’s my full review. Also, I’ve got a free Nootropics ebook you can sign up for as well.
So I just ordered 4 bottles of Addium after seeing the same Yahoo Ad you mention here. I lived UP to the “dumb blonde” stereotype I have been up against my whole life with a dash of gullible thrown in for flavor. I am hoping Addium will work for me and make me smarter so I dont pull out My credit card next time I see a miracle pill AD at the bottom of my browser.
Most of these reviews are after 1-2 days of Use & I personally dont feel that is enough time to providea credible review. That would be like asting the spaghetti sauce before putting the spices in…you cant give your opinion before its done cooking… at least a reliable one. I am going to take full advantage of my 30 days (even though I have a 4 mo. supply & I will provide weekly updates.
I am a recovering addict, I suffer from ADHD , depression, PTSD, anxiety & hypothyroidism and I do not believe Addium is meant for people “in their right state Of mind” as someone mentioned because it is people like myself who would benefit most from noo tropics. And thesthese types of issues do not mean we aren’t in our right state of mind, we just need more medical attention to help keep us in our “right state Of mind”. And for the people out there who consider themselves in a “right state of mind” meaning your perfectly healthy, whatever that means these days, then why do you feel you would need a supplement like this to begin with?
Sorry for the lengthy response…..I guess I just had a lot to say on the subject and I look forward to having even more to say once I get my supply.
I appreciate the reliable source of information you have provided. It’s refreshing to know that there still is “some” stuff you can believe that comes from the World Wide Web.
I can appreciate your skepticism regarding reviews being posted after just one or two uses. However, the marketing behind Addium clearly indicates that by taking it you will see boost in IQ by like 600% after just one use. If they would state that the effect was cumulative we might buy into it.
Keep us posted on your results though please. We would love to see its effects over time!
Thank you for an honest review I suffer from ADD and have a heart condition after seeing this review I’m pretty sure that it would have given me a heart attack so thank you!
Glad we could help!
So I already ordered Addium before I found this review site. I’m not currently taking any rx’s. But a sharper more focused mind with “limitless” effect seemed awesome. Especially over the counter. I have saved this page and will repost after I receive the supplement. I’m also not a coffee drinker, so we shall see what happens.
Thanks. We look forward to hearing how it goes.
Funny. Hell of a good advertising scam. the one I saw was that the FDA banned Addium and then brought it back and it was hard to get. So order 3 bottles. B/s. Should use there system to sell something else. Lol.
I just ordered two bottles of addium that came in the mail today. I wish I would have seen this sooner. I researched this product in depth but only saw the sites that you have debunked. When I ordered the first bottle from the direct website it links you to a page that gives you the option of ordering a second bottle for 20% off. If you choose to opt out there is a little tiny link right below the window. What a scam. Thank you for the info. I am sending mine back immediately.
Hey I just took Addium for the second day. So the first day I was relaxed, not anxious and pretty focused but nothing too crazy. After about 4 hours howeve, I started to get extremely tired and I didn’t sleep great that night. The second day I woke up and took my daily dosage without eating anything besides having a cup of water. About 20 minutes later I started getting extremely hot and when I looked I the mirror I was beet red all the way from my nose to down my neck. I finally grabbed a granola bar and tried to chill out. My color faded and temperature decreased and I took a shower. I recommend eating before hand and stay hydrated. Since I managed to reverse the negative effects and getting better now besides the jitters, I’m going to try go through this day and try again tomorrow eating something first. I’ll do another review tomorrow and see if anything changes. I feel like a test subject. Maybe I am… lol thanks guys.
Im awaiting shipment and will post my impressions for you later. Thanks.
Alot of the people here seam to have addiction problems in the past and a.d.d.or a.d.h.d.I believe this product was ment for people in their right state of mind and hope it works for me.yes, alot of their articles are about college kids.but how would this new drug be everywhere and not have some credibility? I baught it today and hope I get good results.
Let us know how it works out for you.
Thanks for the information. I have ADHD, and I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy. Needless to say when I saw the advertisements for Addium,I was curious. I am taking Nuvigil in the morning and a Vyvance in the late afternoon. So then I thought, would Addium help, too? After reading your article and people’s responses, I certainly think I am fine without wasting money when I have medications that I know for sure work.
I completely agree!
Thanks for your post. I have not been able to find ANY published data on Addium. Also, the only Professor Ron Gooding I’ve been able to find is at the University of Alberta.
Yeah, there are a lot of shady products out there. And we’re all just trust trying to get to the truth. Thanks.
Just another person who wished they found this sooner. I spent almost 90$ after reading the reviews on Amazon and Yahoo. I didn’t think to look at there other reviews. Now it just seems like a pre-workout supplement. But I will post the effects of Addium at a later date. Although they did let me cancel part of my shipment I double ordered by accident and the customer service rep was nice and attentive. Probably for obvious reasons to not get me to cancel the other half. Although I did order full knowing it was no limitless pill. Thanks for the info you posted Rob.
Glad you got to lower your cost. Looking forward to hearing how it works for you.
Everyone here is bashing the pill! People who are taking it have not posted the results… I personally don’t think it will work but if it does it won’t work as well. So let’s see some results.
We’re still in the testing phase and should have our results posted within 1 – 2 weeks.
Most of the ingredients in Addium are pretty common. B vitamins, caffeine, green tea enzymes, GABA so it’s not some revelation. I’m already taking most of those I am just curious about the combination and being able to consolidate all those into one a day. On day one so I’ll give you my findings after a few weeks.
Looking forward to hearing about your results!
Any updates with the testing? Are they living up to their claims?
I just posted some results. It’s no limitless pill, and I’m not sure the benefits are worth the way it makes you feel. You can read the whole update above.
Hello rob I ran across this addium just wanted to know would it be a good thing for someone to take if they are in the military?
I don’t think there’s anything listed on the label that would pop on a test. But I’d check with your superiors to make sure. Different agencies test for different things. It’s tough to keep up.
Was looking around for information. Found this blog, started reading but noticed no one who promised to follow up has done so. Nothing noted first day use? Nothing for 3rd day? What’s up with that?
Yeah, I’ve noticed the same thing. I’ll reach out to some of the people who said they’d follow up, and see if we can find out how things are going.
Hey guys, just thought I would throw my 2 cents in. I tried adderall and Ritalin for my lack of focus,energy, and memory. (ADHD)
It worked but the side effects and tolerance issues weren’t worth it. Doc recommended I try Modafinil. I’ve been on 100 mg a day for about 6 months now. No side effects for me and the focus I get is pretty amazing. The catch… it’s not over the counter.
Interesting. I’ll ask my doc about it. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s more debilitating than people realize to be so overwhelmed by stimulus that nothing gets done.
My order of Addium just came and I took it, unfortunately I found this article after my shipment had already arrived. This is day 1 taking it and I’m thinking the outrageous claims are just that outrageous. I’ll keep everyone posted throughout the week. I’m extremely disappointed, take about 2 and a half hours ago. I feel a little buzz and slight height of awareness but nothing coffee wouldn’t do, there claims are outrageous this is definitely not anything of the equivalent of the Limitless “drug” which is why I wanted to buy it in the first place lol.
But although I was skeptical I wanted to take it for myself before anything else. Very disappointed to say the least, but I’ll keep everyone posted with any “magical” effects or results lol I just wanted something as an alternative to Vyvanse and adderol. Which truly helps me focus and Addium isn nothing compared to these to ADD drugs to help with extreme focus. Any recommendations for anything close to Vyvanse or Adderol where I can have the same intense and concentrated focus, that I don’t need a prescription for?
That has almost an Identical effect? Thank you guys in advance and my apologies for my novel. I just actually was stupid enough to by Addium and Im taking it to test the results. Stay tuned.
There really isn’t anything I’ve personally tested that can really mimic the effects of adderol/vyvanse. Addieup was pretty close, but unfortunately they removed the primary ingredient 1,3 dimethylamylamine, making it much less effective.
You might want to check out either a nootropic supplement like Phenibut XT. It’s a VERY powerful Nootropic supplement that when combined with caffeine can give you GREAT results. The downside, however, is that tolerance seems to build quite quickly, so I recommend taking it NO MORE then once per week.
If you’re looking for something with an immediate effect check out a supplement called Optimind. Hope this helps and keep us posted on your results!
I would be really interested to know the outcome. I am a skeptic and work too hard for my money to give it away! I would really like to know the results of your experiment since i am considering purchasing it if it is legit.
Found this word press article suggesting its use is safe and effective from a college professor .
What do you think?
I did a quick search of faculty at Yale and didn’t come up with a Ron Gooding, so I’m skeptical.
Well, I figured I’d order it even though I saw this, so you guys can get a solid answer. (as well as myself)
Plus, if it doesn’t work I’ll be able to let you’all know if their 30 day MBG works. 🙂
Peace, kids! BEAST!!HA.
Dammit I ordered it. I had a feeling it was BS but I have adult ADD and my doc and I are kind of scared to go down the Adderal rabbit hole. I take Buproprion or generic Welbutrin and but I’m still all over the place sometimes. I guess I’ll see if they stay true to their money back guarantee.
I would run it by your doctor before you start taking it too, just to make sure there are no conflicts with what you’re taking.
Was looking into Addium and was happy I at least found your site. An excellent resource! How soon will we hear about any trials you do With Addium and thank you for posting the gentleman on youtube. Managed to suffer through the first two minutes and the last two. Absolutely hilarious! Its very useful information coming from a professional couch surfer hawking supplements because “you gotta eat”. Useful in the fact my best judgment tells me not to bother.
I know right? Looks like another couple of weeks for the update. Keep checking in.
Too late for me- bought it.
Ingredients on bottle:
then :proprietary blend of:
alpha gpc with calcium phosphate.
phosphatidlserine with silcon dioxide.
can you tell me about kratom? Low dose energy high dose opiate feel. Is this for real?
Yeah I have heard of it, and tried several versions of it. The only one that I had a good response to was the Happy Hippo II, which gave an effect similar to an opioid medication without any nasty side effects.
I’m still on the fence as far as recommending Kratom…on the one hand, ALOT of guys say it’s a godsend. On the other, I’ve read TONS of stories about Kratom addiction and withdrawal, and I’m VERY hesitant to recommend anything that can lead to addiction / dependency issues.
Thanx fr reply…hope brand I ordered is not junk. Thanx again and so far enjoying adium.
Well, to late for me. I ordered Addium before finding this website. So once received, I will take as directed and offer results on this page. If it doesn’t work, guess I will give Mind Boost a shot.
I am 42 years old and feel I’m losing my edge, I have been reading different articles about Addium and as you say (to good to be true). I actually had credit card in hand ready to order! If I had tried this and found no results chance’s are I would have been very hesitant to do so again. Thank you for saving me money, time and most important hope that there maybe something out there that can help a old mans thinking process.
Check out Optimind. It’s not about bells and whistles or flashy marketing. It’s a good solid nootropic that works.
Thank u so much for ur article.
I was about to order it too but wanted to do a Google search on it, but oddly enough thru Google it won’t let u, it only takes u to the companies wonderful ur guna turn into Superman site, so I said hmmmm that’s very strange, so I found bing and batabing I found u. So sumthink is very untrue w this company and I’m OUT!
Glad you found us!
I found this product by random on an advertisement. I was skeptical and did a lot of research and it’s actually true. The claims they made with the Forbes website were false. I went to the website and it ms completely different and doesn’t mentions anything about addium. Addiums website is pretty sketchy. They don’t have any information or facts at all about it. I’m thinking that I want to order some and test it to see what it’s about. I’m curious.
I recommend you check out Mind Boost instead. The claims are much more realistic, and I had great results when I used it.
Like RJ I was about to order this Addium till then I saw your articles. Please keep me updated with test results Thanks.
Thanks for your post. I was about to order this product when I saw the same articles that you mentioned. But the “To good to be true” voice that made me search further when I found your article.
Please send me an update of what you find out when you test it.
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